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Serenity Vertical Hyperbaric Chamber by Elite Hyperbaric


Serenity Vertical Sitting chamber

1.3 ATA | Wide Door | Soft Chamber

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LUX-AIR 40 Inch 1.3 ATA Hyperbaric Oxygen Soft Chamber


This progressively designed 40-inch diameter Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber known as LUX-AIR 36 1.3 ATA is unique in the industry with its ease of entry providing an exceptionally wide door design. The Lux-Air can be utilized as a Side Entry or Top Entry Chamber. The J-Style zipper design allows the door to provide a wide entry/exit area for those who require simpler access into a Hyperbaric chamber and for those who are challenged by getting into a slit-type door.

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Infinite Iodine Spray Kit | 4 oz


Infinite Iodine is an oral iodine spray, formulated with revolutionary technology that allows for a mix of pure molecular iodine and water, nothing else.

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Mito Booster XL | 6 Wavelength Red Light Bed



6 Wavelengths:

550nm+598nm+635nm+660nm+810nm+850nm (Frequency Adjustable)

✅ Our Red Light Therapy beds emit specific red and near-infrared wavelengths known to have potential health and skin benefits.
✅ Our beds are designed to treat the entire body simultaneously, ensuring comprehensive exposure.
✅ Users can often adjust the intensity of the light based on their comfort level and treatment goals.
✅ Built-in timers help users control the duration of their sessions, preventing overexposure.
✅ The beds are typically contoured and cushioned for user comfort during treatments.
✅ Our beds have cooling features to prevent discomfort during longer sessions.
✅ Intuitive controls make it simple to operate the bed and customize settings.
✅ Our Red Light Therapy beds emit wavelengths without harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of skin damage.
✅ Our Bed materials ensure the bed’s durability and long-term use.

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Borealis Vertical Sitting Type Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber | 1.3 ATA


Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Borealis Vertical Sitingg Type Chamber

1.3 ATA | 32 Inches Soft Chamber

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40″D | 2.0 ATA | Hyperbaric Hard Shell Oxygen Chamber


40 inches Hyperbaric Hardshell  Hyperbaric Chamber | 1.6 ATA

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